I once heard a rabii say that you can catch a bad habit but never a good one. With that in mind, I walk into situations that need my attention with a single mind. To win! For the last week or so,I’ve been in a real funk. I’m working towards something and it is sapping all my energy out of me. I often tend towards being anal-retentive about life generally. If you are like me then you know it can be exhausting and you will almost always set yourself up for disappointment. Who knew that even when seeking out peace,it still doesn’t come easy. It’s funny how Jesus said He did not come to bring peace but a sword. It reminds me of the Swahili proverb,’imani haiji ila kwa ncha ya upanga (peace comes by the sword). However,even at war,a battle can be called off. They call it a cease fire. That is where I am. I’m stepping back from all the pressure I have been putting on myself lately. In my effort to make peace,I’ve actually made war and I’m bleeding from all the fire coming at me.

This is my time out and this is what I’m up to:

  • putting my pent up energy on working out
  • reading more
  • getting intouch with friends
  • hanging out with the babies
  • dancing and singing along to music
  • learning new things (like yoga – and I still don’t know how to do that purposeful deep breathingšŸ˜„)
  • I’m listening to silence and it has alot to say.

I wish you all the best in what you’re working on but I hope you remember it’s okay to call for a time out and go to your happy place.