Every next level of your life will demand a different you! It is very tempting for stay-at-home-moms to want to be EVERYTHING: the chef,the cleaner, housekeeper, homemaker, gardener, nurse, teacher,interior decorator,driver,EVERYTHING!

As a working mom,I always thought that after I became a full time stay at home mom,I would blow the roof out of being a SAHM! I thought I would bake bread and knit socks for my babies and even homeschool. When I realised I couldn’t run my home like I did my job,I felt like I was failing terribly.

Badass millionare advice

Just last week,I came across a youtube video of Shonda Rhimes,the mogul showrunner,under whose belt are the popular shows,Grey’s Anatomy,Scandal,Private Practice and How to get away with murder. In her Dartmouth commencement speech,she said that for everything people saw her winning at,there was always something elsewhere she was failing at. This woman runs shows whose budgets for single episodes are well over a couple of million bucks! Yeah,she’s badass! She spoke about how she juggles work and motherhood and how when she is winning at work she is failing at home. That point right there inspired and validated my failure at ‘operation in pursuit of mommy perfection’!

Burnt food

For me,the day I’m winning at playing and reading to and hanging out with the babies,I end up with a mess of a house and sometimes unsavoury or even burnt food. When I’m rocking potty training,I often end up with a whiney and tired toddler.On some days,my house is super clean and the curtains and duvets are crispy clean but that takes away time I would have been dancing and singing to Incy Wincy spider with my 3 year old. I like knowing that I did it ALL but it’s unrealistic to want to do EVERYTHING every single day. It really is a constant battle. Some days are okay and some terrible.

Real success

So,if you go to someone’s house and it’s looking like a hurricane went through it but they have happy and healthy babies,just know that they are winning! Don’t jugde. And if you are a tired sahm,curve out 15-30 minutes daily to do whatever feeds your soul. A successful mom takes time outs several times a day. Your family,friends,babies and spouse will benefit from it long term. Afterall,a clean house will still need cleaning next year but the lifeskills acquired by your child are for life!