Body shapers,slimming tea and pills,Idris elba body,sexy abs,Revenge body with Khloe Kardashian,fake boobs,silicon butts and lips… Ah! My head hurts! Basically its all about the body and body image. Hollywood would have us believe as both men and women that we won’t find someone to love us if we gain as much as half a kilo! Yeah,last I checked,plenty of ‘hot’ Hollywood stars are either struggling or literally running from long term love relationships!

Women especially are beginning to believe that If you are married,then you will get your ass dumped if your body is not toned and slim two weeks after giving birth! You better pop that 4kgs baby and show up on instagram looking like you just popped a pill only two weeks later! Forget the fact that the whole reason the body keeps fat reserves is to make sure you have milk to feed this little human who not only needs it but will thrive because of it! Woe unto you if you are a man in possession of a one-pack and competing with the preggers ladies!

Look,I’m all for working out in addition to having a positive body image. Infact I feel awesome after I’ve done my HIIT home workouts but I will not kill myself doing it or let fear of being dumped motivate me to get healthy. If I work out,I will do it because I want a more efficient body and ofcourse look better everyday but the truth about life is that no one in a happy and healthy relationship is there because their spouse has a banging body!

No matter how hot your significant other is,it gets old over time, especially when real life issues show up! I believe in looking good but also  in working to improve yourself to be a kinder and more awesome human being! I’ve met alot of lonely people with big butts and boobs but I’m yet to meet an interesting and interested human being without a life full of people who love them! Pick your battle wisely. So sure,a hot body will bring in the curious admirers but have a strategy to keep ’em interested! Invest not only in your body  but dig deeper and get some real growth in your character! Have a life so full that everyone wants a piece of it!

People will ultimately fall for and commit to the total package as opposed to one body feature ~ Matthew Hussey