You know those humble braggers who sign ‘#blessed’ to all their online posts? Are they closer home than you think? Do you have a friend or a sibling who is always playing the comparison game with you? Have you ever told the story of your life to someone only to have them one-up you with their life story? Join the club!

I was chatting with a friend the other day who,like me,was partly raised by her grandma and I told her how I would borrow say,10k from my shush (grandmother) and she would tell me to come up with 5k and she would top it up and I wouldn’t have to pay it back! It was an awesome deal. She taught me that a penny attracts a penny and I had to find creative ways to always make sure I had my own money and knew the value of it before I went borrowing someone else’s! This friend of mine responded by saying that her grandmother was nothing like that. She referred to hers as ‘an angel’ and her ‘bestfriend’!

I honestly caught a feeling right there! How dare she think my grandmother was less than angelic for instilling money and life lessons in me? This happens alot. We share ourselves,our story,our life with someone who is not deserving and they not only don’t get it but they shame us for it.

I find it really immature when someone puts themselves in another person’s narrative and plays the comparison game just to come out feeling better about themselves. When someone shares something about themselves and you don’t understand why they did so,just ask!

I texted her back and told her that I valued every MONEY lesson I got from my granny. We weren’t discussing who my grandmother or hers was. We were discussing what they taught us about money. Suffice to say,because I felt shamed by her,she should not expect me to let my guard down in future anywhere around her.

What’s sad is that we all do it in some ways. It’s like those Beyonce memes that make it seem like they are in praise of her but are really shaming other women! Making that trully sweet and humble woman seem like she is the ultimate spouse and a goddess! I suspect they are generated by some lazy a** broke and most likely single man who is obviously not anywhere close to being a JayZ himself! Ofcourse Beyonce is awesome but so are other women. We are all badass in our own different ways. I love Beyonce but sorry,I don’t want to be her. That job is taken! By Beyonce!.

So before you share your story with anyone,ask youself whether they are deserving of it! Better yet,share it so that you can see their true nature come out.