Do you know that awkward time between December 27th and December 30th when Christmas and boxing day are over and done with and the only thing to do is wait for new year’s eve and the New year? Well,I was born in between that time and alot of people forget my birthday all the time! December 29th is my birthday and since I’m really big on hikes and leisure walks,hubby and our two babies took me to Ololua nature trail for our leisure walk this past year.

I was very excited. Being new in Nairobi means I want to explore places and decide which places are my favourites and become a regular. We have been to The Nairobi Safari Walk and I loved it. However,I expected Ololua to outdo Safari walk but boy was I disappointed… Someone has given up on Ololua and it is looking it.

Ololua is like that lady in her middle age that you can tell used to be stunning but has undergone so much neglect and abuse she is looking like the bottom of an old dirty shoe. It is super serene right at the start of the trail and sort of promises to be a heavenly walk but minutes into it when cars started driving so fast past us,we realised the serenity was but a facade.Someone(I guess the askari at the entrance) was sleeping on the job. He obviously was not aware of what a nature walk trail was all about! I felt disappointed at that because the reviews I had read online about the trail had grossly misled us!

At one point,we walk to a part of the park that is shamelessly littered and obviously an outhouse for passersby! Yes,you read that right. There is human poop everywhere and it has not been fenced off from the public. I immediately start feeling afraid because if it is not fenced off,it means the guests to Ololua are not safe. Anyone can walk right into the park and pose a real risk to the guests. 

While walking away from that creepy part of the park,we come into what is supposed to be a beautiful water dam/fixture but it is overflowing – not with water but – with litter. All kinds of trash literally cover the outside perimeter of the dam and the smell is just unbearable. What was also more upsetting for me was the smell of someone smoking! At that point,the dreaminess of Ololua died for me! 

Ololua is gorgeous but it needs to redeem itself.

Im coming back Ololua. I hope you will be beautiful and in order then.