Have you ever broken up with someone (or something)? I’m trying to but I seem to have really strong separation issues. Years ago,I lived in the village with my grandmother. She only ate meat once every two weeks (quite normal among farming communities – even though they own enough livestock – and she did not put sugar in her tea. I admired her lifestyle so much that within no time,I too joined her club. I broke up with sugar and only ate meat once in a while. 

Years later when I went to college and ‘got back together’ with sugar. Sugar and I love each other so much that on Valentines,Im expecting a box of chocolates as opposed to flowers and wine. You see, I’m really not into flowers and wine but my sweet tooth,well. It is really sweet. Lately,scientists and nutritionists have added many of my favourite grains on the list of sugars. I was ok with the idea of quitting sugar but,really?  Now I’m supposed to break up with chapati too? And even before I wrap my mind around going sugar-free,the world has moved on to dairy-free,gluten-free and all other kinds of vegan. Are those of us who are bad at cutting things off being left behind by the world?